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Appliance Repair Tips – Keep Your Appliances Maintained And Extend The Life Of The Appliances


As with most mechanical appliances those that we have in our homes will benefit from regular maintenance. However it is human nature to ignore maintenance issues until they become urgent and start to impact on our quality of life as happens when they fail.

However – it is not always necessary to use the services of a qualified repair person in order to ensure the continued reliability of household appliances. There are simple maintenance tasks that the average owner can undertake to make sure that the appliances in the home continue to give years of reliable service.

Here are some of those simple tasks

In terms of the refrigerator make sure to clean the condenser coils of the refrigerator every six months. By doing this you can make a substantial difference to the efficiency of this appliance. You should be able to get a guidebook from either the manufacturer indicating where the coils are and how to clean them. If not there are several internet sites which provide guidance.

Secondly make sure that all seals around the refrigerator door are intact and they are making firm contact with the body of the refrigerator. Inadequate seals can be responsible for high energy loss – and once again increase power bills. If you notice symptoms of malfunction in your refrigerator try calling in a Refrigerator repair – OnSite Appliance technician so that you don’t  make the problems worse.

Moving to the washing machine, do periodic checks to see if all water lines are undamaged. Also check on screens and hoses for buildup which will reduce the effectiveness of the washing machine. Also use the hot water cycle only when absolutely necessary.

Clothes dryers should have their filters replaced after each cycle. Also continually check on the lint trap and clean when necessary. Once every six months the exhaust duct should be removed and cleaned thoroughly to ensure the free flow of exhaust. If you are really not comfortable with doing it yourself and you are afraid of touching some parts that might cause damage to the clothes dryer, you can call in your trusted appliance service moncks corner.


Learn to know the various settings on your dishwasher. By selecting the correct setting you will be extending the life expectancy of the appliance. Also try and avoid small loads and make use of the ‘overnight’ dry function.

Make sure that you garbage disposal remains in optimum condition by cleaning with a little dish washing liquid and a generous helping of ice cubes – and avoid disposing of materials such as bone, as well as extremely greasy food leftovers.

Also – do not take on appliance maintenance tasks that you are not extremely comfortable doing. Sometimes it is better to call in a professional appliance repair goose creek. And don’t avoid doing that regular maintenance that will save on money and inconveniences.

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